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Baseboard Moulding: Putting the Final Touch in Your Home

Baseboard mouldings are an easy way to make a room stunning. Baird Brothers’ Steve Stack and his team of experts helps customers select hardwood baseboards that will add continuity, detail and beauty to their homes, and complement their décor. Steve shares with readers some stunning examples of how customers used a variety of baseboard mouldings to up the “wow” factor in their Kirtland, Ohio home. 

“Often called mop boards, baseboards were originally installed not only to cover the joint between the wall surface and floor, but also to keep water from damaging walls during floor washing,” Steve said. Today, baseboard mouldings are an essential finishing touch, the cherry on top of a gorgeous room.

What’s your style?

Pay careful attention to style when selecting baseboard moulding. “With baseboards, you have a lot of choices that will complement your design,” Steve said. “For example, you can go minimal for a modern décor or a heavy-layered look for Victorian.”

Get creative!

Baseboards on the ceiling? Sure! Baseboards are commonly used to create customized looks by building up crown moulding applications on walls or on ceilings. “When baseboard moulding is combined with crown moulding, it can highlight a stunning chandelier or cathedral ceiling, drawing the eye up to what is often a forgotten part of any room,” Steve said.

Is there an Academy Award for “Best Moulding”?

There should be! This theater room gets a standing ovation for style. The wall is the main attraction, starring poplar crown moulding (3/4" x 5"), poplar double ripple baseboard (5/8" x 5-1/2"), poplar crown moulding (3/4" x 2") and custom fluted casing.

crown moulding used in theater room

Give your Ceiling a Hardwood Makeover

The unexpected raises eyes in this stylish room. Stained poplar coffered beams are created by using inverted poplar double ripple baseboard (5/8" x 5-1/2") in conjunction with poplar crown moulding (3/4" x 5").  

stained poplar beams made with baseboard and crown moulding

The Classic Interior Look: Always in Style

Nothing says elegance more than crisp lines. The custom-painted poplar raised panel wainscot is accented with finger-jointed primed poplar baseboard (3/4" x 7-1/2"), solid primed poplar shoe moulding (1/2" x 3/4”) and finger-jointed primed poplar casing  (1-1/16" x 4") around door opening.

 elegant wainscot used in interior home

Stained Poplar Mouldings for a Winning Combination

This elegant poker room hits the jackpot with complementary applications in stained poplar. The built up cornice molding consists of poplar crown moulding (3/4" x 5") crown and stacked poplar double ripple baseboard (3/4" x 5-1/2"). The casing around the windows and doorway is poplar classic casing (1-1/16" x 4") and poplar tall double ripple baseboard (3/4" x 7-1/2") on the floor.

poplar moulding used in poker room 

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