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Premium Hardwood Flooring Means No Regrets

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." -Benjamin Franklin

Choosing hardwood flooring solely on price can be a regrettable decision. Baird Brothers expert Steve Stack advises that to truly get the best deal, customers should focus on value, rather than the price tag. “Yes, price is a factor — flooring is a big-ticket home purchase — but customers who want to get the most out of their flooring purchase should also factor in quality, craftsmanship, service and reputation.” Steve shares some of the reasons Baird Brothers’ premium hardwood flooring is a superb choice for homeowners who want to beautify their homes and increase resale value.

Born in the USA

The gorgeous Red and White Oak, Hard Maple and Cherry, Hickory, Ash and Walnut used to make Baird Brothers' fine hardwood flooring have roots in the Appalachian forests. “We only deal with lumber suppliers who promote the responsible management of forests, so we know we’re doing our part for sustainability,” Steve said. “No matter what species you select, each piece of wood is carefully examined at our mill to ensure it lives up to Baird Brothers’ high standards.”

Unmatched craftsmanshipmeans the beauty is not only skin deep
One reason discount hardwood dealers offer low prices is they sacrifice workmanship. “When you start with a high-quality natural resource and put it in the hands of our expert craftsmen, they’re able to bring out the best in the wood, “ Steve said. From the kiln process, which establishes stability, to the workmanship that shows in the warmth and beauty of the hardwood, every detail is covered. “It’s a matter of standards and pride in workmanship. It’s done right every time and it shows.”

You can’t buy knowledge and reputation just anywhere

You have a choice: buying hardwood flooring from a chain store that also sells washing machines, fertilizer and paint, or investing in premium hardwood from a half-century-old family-run business that employees American craftsmen, all experts in fine hardwood. “You can feel the pride that goes into each and every piece of Baird Brothers’ flooring,” Steve said. “If you have questions about which species or finish will work best in your home, we have decades of know-how to provide answers. Our customers make flooring purchases confident they’re buying the best American-made hardwood to help beautify their family’s home.”

A valuable addition to any home

“There’s a noticeable difference between Baird Brothers’ hardwood and what you’d find at a do-it-yourself or liquidation store. Baird Brother’s hardwood has a richness that won’t fade away, generation after generation,” Steve said. “One of the most important advantages of a premium hardwood floor is its timeless appeal. Whether you plan to stay in your home or eventually put it on the market, the warmth, durability and beauty of hardwood flooring will never lose its value.”

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